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You can rely on PEL to deliver maximum power. Pel are proud to hold the world record for the most powerful energizer ever manufactured*.

PEL energizers are the result of decades of intense research and development. Our energizer range features unique technologies which gives them a market leading edge. PEL is connecting you and your land.

Comparing Energizers

When evaluating energizers, be sure to compare them on the same basis. It is best to compare energizers by looking at the maximum output energy.

Output EnergyThe amount of energy delivered to the fence.

Stored Energy

The amount of energy stored inside the energizer this does not necessarily relate to the amount of energy that is delivered to the fence.

How you will power your Electric Fence


A mains powered energizer is the most cost effective, reliable way to power a permanent electric fence.


A Unigizer is a flexible, all-in-one mains and battery energizer with solar compatibility. It is ideal for those wanting a flexible solution that can work across permanent and portable fence solutions in medium to small sized farms.


High powered battery energizers can be used to power multi-wire, permanent fences and single wire temporary fences.


A solar installation is ideal for isolated areas and fence lines where no power is available.

Integrated solar energizers have a built-in solar panel and come complete with a battery.

1 Joule of output energy will power approximately 10km (6 miles) of fence wire. This will depend on the type of fence, number of wires and vegetation surrounding the fence

PEL Unigizers

The PEL Unigizer range offers cutting edge innovation for medium electric fence systems. PEL has developed a family of energizers with a clever twist; they can be used as MAINS, BATTERY or SOLAR energizers.

A key benefit of this advanced design means greater flexibility to handle a much wider range of applications on the farm, whether it be permanent mains powered installations around farm buildings, horse paddocks or temporary applications when connected to a 12V battery or solar panel e.g. strip grazing. PEL Unigizers can be configured to put power wherever it is needed.

PEL Unigizers give you a versatile 3-in-1 solution to manage your electric fence system. You have the flexibility to choose from either mains, battery or solar energy to power your electric fence. The 3-in-1 capability allows the Unigizer to be used for temporary, semi-permanent, permanent and strip grazing fence systems. Its never been easier to create an electric fencing solution.

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